KYOU stopped by during the January Sub-Zero Survival program. Participants who are in 5th-7th grade were taught how to build survival shelters and start fires with only matches. Both activities allowed participants to test out their survival skills.

This short clip gives watchers a glimpse into the program!

Jefferson County Conservation recently purchased a new telescope for programs. The funds came from several donations which largely included memorial funds from Barney Baird. Barney was one of the original members of the Jefferson County Conservation Board. Barney’s wife Verda, son Randy, and daughter-in-law Jan are pictured with Naturalist Brittney Tiller behind the telescope during a night sky program earlier in December. This wonderful donation will be used by many to observe the night sky. Thank you to the Baird family and all our donors.

Thanks to the family and friends of Don and Maxine Angstead, Jefferson County Park has a new entrance sign. During the fall of 2019 the maintenance staff were able to install the sign with the help of the Jefferson County Roads Department. The photo was taken by Joseph Stanski (c)