Rules for Jefferson County Parks

Jefferson County Conservation Board Rules and Regulations

1. All parks shall be closed during the hours of 10:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M.

2. Camping fees shall be collected daily in the amount set by the conservation board. No person shall camp in any designated camping area for a period longer than 14 consecutive days and, in no event, longer than 14 days in any 21 day period.

3. Fires may be built only in picnic grills or in other equipment or space provided by the conservation board.

4. All refuse must be placed in disposal cans provided. A carry in - carry out trash policy is enforced in the picnic shelter areas of Jefferson County Park.

5. No person shall in any manner remove, destroy, injure or deface any tree, shrub, plant, flower, natural attraction or man made structure.

6. No animal shall be allowed in any areas of the conservation board in such manner as to be a nuisance, annoyance, threat or danger to the general public. All pets must be leashed and under owners control in Jefferson County park, Round Prairie Park, Whitham Woods, Zillman's Hickory Hills and Mac Coon Access. No animals shall be hitched or tied in such a manner as to result in damage to board property. No animals shall be left unattended.

7. A speed limit of 15 miles per hour must be observed except where otherwise posted.

8. Drive only where roads have been provided. Vehicles shall be parked only in designated areas within an area.

9. No vehicles (cars, mini-bikes, mopeds, go carts, motorcycles or snowmobiles), shall be driven on any hiking trail under the control of the conservation board.

10. No firearms, air rifles, sling shots, bows and arrows, or other dangerous weapons shall be permitted in any area of the conservation board unless that area is designated for public hunting.

11. Fishing shall be allowed in all ponds, streams and rivers within any area of the conservation board unless designated otherwise.

12. No swimming allowed in any water impoundment within the conservation board's parks and recreation areas.

13. All park boundaries are marked. Please respect adjacent private property.

14. No target shooting shall be allowed in any area managed by the JCCB.

15. The provisions of section 461A.35 through 461A.57 of the Code of Iowa, shall apply to all parks, lands and waters under the control of the Jefferson County Conservation Board.

See the Jefferson County Park Camping Cabin Rules and Regulations  (specific to the camping cabins) as a PDF.

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Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Jefferson County by acquiring, developing and managing public areas so that its citizens will have opportunities for quality outdoor recreation experiences, and to cultivate good land stewardship through natural history and environmental education activities.

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