Cedar Creek Timber and Wetland

Jefferson County Conservation Board, Fairfield, Iowa
Cedar View Trail

Cedar Creek Timber and Wetland

Cedar Creek Timber and Wetland is located between 32nd Street (Suburban Heights Road) and 223rd Street, west of Fairfield.

Cedar View Trail traverses this public hunting area.

⚫ 105 acres, plus 170 acres of wetlands
⚫ Trails - hiking, biking, cross-country skiing
⚫ Fishing in Cedar Creek
⚫ Hunting
⚫ Prairie plantings

Cedar Creek Timber & Wetland

Cedar Creek Timber & Wetland (formally known as Cedar Creek Timber) was originally a 105 acre public hunting area.

Cedar Creek

In 2005 the I.D.O.T. purchased 170 acres of Cedar Creek bottomland for a wetland mitigation site. Tiles were broken and dirt berms were constructed to enhance the wetland.

These two areas are now known as Cedar Creek Timber & Wetland.

The area is open to public hunting and has excellent populations of deer, turkey, squirrels and migratory waterfowl.    See the Hunting page.

Photo of Cedar Creek


Cedar View Trail traverses this public hunting area. Hunters must park at the parking to at 223rd Street and walk in from the west. Hunters may not walk in from the parking lot at 32nd Street (Suburban Heights Road).

Special rules and regulations pertaining to hunting have been posted at different locations on Cedar View Trail.

To learn more about the Cedar Creek Water Trail, click here.

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Cedar Creek Timber map
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