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Jefferson County Conservation Board, Fairfield, Iowa.

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Managing 12 areas in Jefferson County (southeast Iowa)

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Going Camping? Camping is allowed in three areas.

And visit our Historic Sites:

Whitham Woods is the original site of the C.W. Whitham Nursery. Many of the original nursery plantings have grown to maturity, creating an interesting diversification of plant materials. And a four-acre prairie plot is seeded with prairie plants. From 1858 to 1901 a mainline railroad (now BNSF) ran through this property.

Zillman Woods has picturesque timber and takes you past an old reconstructed cemetery with headstones dating back to the 1800's.

Gobble Park is the site of the original 1853 T.W. Gobble and Co. store.

Chart of our Parks and Facilities

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About Us, Contact Us, and Our History

Contact Information

Jefferson County Conservation Board
2003 Libertyville Road
Fairfield, IA 52556
Phone: 641-472-4421
E-mail: jeffersonccb@lisco.com

Board Roster

Terri Diers, Brighton
Cory Klehm, Fairfield
Gene Parker, Libertyville
Wayne Atwood, Richland
Kathy Tollenaere, Fairfield


Shawn Morrissey - Director
Bob Leazer - Park & Trail Technician
Brittney Tiller - Host/Naturalist

Contact us if you are interested in any of the following services:

Reservations:  Picnic Shelters & Camping Cabins in Jefferson County Park.

Nature Hikes & Programs:  Nature hikes and programs are offered throughout the year and upon request.

E-Newsletter:  Would you like to sign up for our monthly E-Newsletter? Please contact Brittney Tiller at -- Naturalist@JeffersonCountyConservation.com

Wildlife Habitat:  The Jefferson County Conservation Board will assist you in establishing native prairie grasses, wildlife food plots and tree plantings.
Contact the Conservation Board for information on the tax exempt Timber Reserve program.

Website Thanks

The Jefferson County Conservation Board would like to thank Shawn Dettmann, of the Natural Resource Conservation Service, for all his work on the aerial-view maps on this website (sample below).


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Jefferson County Conservation History

The origin of Iowa's county conservation system started back in 1934 when a group of people, which included renowned conservationists such as Ding Darling and Aldo Leopold, developed a plan that would provide outdoor recreational opportunities to local county residents.

From this idea, the first attempt was made in 1942 to pass enabling legislation. It wasn't until 1955 that the county conservation law passed in the general session. Since then, all 99 counties in Iowa have established a county conservation program.

Wayne Parsons
Wayne Parsons

Jefferson County voted into existence their county conservation board program in 1972. Board members that have been appointed by the County Supervisors and have served on the Jefferson County Conservation Board include Wayne Parsons (photo above), Gene Parker, Bill Briggs, Dean Johnson, Norman Baird, Carl Zillman, Bill Baker, Terri Diers, Ron Meyers, Keith Wells, Kathy Tollenaere, Cory Klehm and Wayne Atwood.

Three directors have been employed by the Board in the last thirty years: Joan Sturdavent (1973 - 76), Jim Bashor (1977 - 83) and Dennis Lewiston (1983 - present).

The Purpose of County Conservation Boards

According to Chapter 350 (originally Chapter 111 A) the purpose of county conservation boards is "to acquire, develop, maintain, and make available to the inhabitants of the county public museums, parks, preserves, parkways, playgrounds, recreational centers, county forests, wildlife, and other conservation areas, and to promote and preserve the health and general welfare of the people, to encourage the orderly development and conservation of natural resources, and to cultivate good citizenship by providing adequate programs of public recreation."

The purpose established for county conservation boards is extremely broad; therefore allowing each county to establish a program that meets the needs of the local public.

Since its inception, the Jefferson County Conservation Board has acquired and developed 12 areas encompassing approximately 1400 acres.

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Jefferson County Locator Map:
Jefferson County map
See the Jefferson County map at the Iowa DOT webpage (as a PDF).

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Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Jefferson County by acquiring, developing and managing public areas so that its citizens will have opportunities for quality outdoor recreation experiences, and to cultivate good land stewardship through natural history and environmental education activities.

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2003 Libertyville Road, Fairfield, IA 52556
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