Funded by REAP

Resource Enhancement and Protection

Parks, Recreation, and Wildlife Areas
Managing 11 areas in Jefferson County, southeast Iowa

Park sign
Jefferson County Park
Camp w/electricity, drinking water, shower, toilets, 3 picnic shelters, hike/bike/xc-skiing, fish (4 ponds), facilities for handicapped, Nature Center, baseball field, playground, camping cabins, prairie plantings.

Size: 227 acres.


Mac Coon Access Sign
Mac Coon Access
Camp w/electricity, drinking water, pit toilets, picnic shelter, hiking, fish (steam), boat ramp, hunting, playground.

Size: 71 acres.


Round Prairie Entrance Sign
Round Prairie Park
Camp w/electricity, drinking water, pit toilets, picnic shelter, hike/biking, fish (2 ponds, 1 steam), canoe access, facilities for handicapped, historic site, playground, prairie plantings.

Size: 101 acres.


Zillman Entrance Sign
Zillman's Timber
Hike/xc-skiing, fish (2 ponds), historic site.

Size: 46 acres.



Whitham Woods Sign
Whitham Woods
Hike/xc-skiing, fish (1 pond), historic site, prairie plantings.

Size: 133 acres.



Cedar View Trail Sign
Cedar View Trail

Size: 4.5 miles.




Cedar Creek Timber Sign
Cedar Creek Timber
Hike/bike/xc-skiing, fish (stream), hunting, prairie plantings. Observe wetland wildlife.

Size: 275 acres.


Turkey Run Sign
Turkey Run Wildlife Area
Bridle trail, fish (steam), canoe access, hunt, prairie plantings.

Size: 405 acres.


Gantz-Hewitt Timber
Hunting, historic site.

Size: 30 acres.

Livingston Timber  Entrance Sign
Livingston Timber

Size: 74 acres.


Gobble Park Sign
Gobble Park
Picnic shelter, small playground.

Size: 1 acre.


Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Jefferson County by acquiring, developing and managing public areas so that its citizens will have opportunities for quality outdoor recreation experiences, and to cultivate good land stewardship through natural history and environmental education activities.